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February 11, 2022

Martina Dale

Author of the Moral Compass Series

Genre: Romance, Contemporary British Fiction

Moral Compass: West

“Can I just say how absolutely thrilled I am with Frogg Spa Editing?

She has done an amazing job. I’m nearly finished with the edits, and I’m really pleased with how it’s turning out. She hasn’t changed my voice, has understood the story, and I’ve taken on 98% of her comments.

Thank you!”

Moral Compass: North

“Cheyenne is amazing and so patient. She made me laugh so many times. I really appreciate her points and agreed with them all. I really love working with her!”

March 21, 2022

Sephe Haven

Author of the My Whorizontal Life Series
Published by Redwood Publishing, LLC

Genre: Biographies/Memoirs of Women

A Someday Courtesan

“Cheyenne! Oh my goodness, thank you! What a joy you were and are to work with. Not only were you fast, you were detailed and precise and did all the work exactly on time. You made this final process so easy and joyful.

After working for years alone in the writing of the book, which is a labor of love, at least for me, it comes to the end when you have to finally invite other people in to the process. That should be wonderful. But many times it’s not.

From cover designers to marketing to editing to formatting, I found I’ve made mistakes in the choice of who to work with in this final process of the book. And, sadly, in the past, that’s made a difference as to how smooth or difficult the release was, as well as how much money and time was wasted along the way. 

So to say that you’re a joy is an understatement. I’m beyond grateful to have met you and worked with you. You looked at my story with an open heart and brought your humor to all your edits. And I felt like I was with a partner, co-creating, rather than a layperson I was just paying to do a job.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I hope to work with you on all my books.

Now and forever more!”

April 18, 2022

Igor Leo

Director of Publishing House: New Era Solutions 2020 LTD

Genre: Cookbook, Grilling Bible

Outdoor Gas Griddle Cookbook

“Cheyenne did an excellent job proofreading and editing my books. I am very pleased with her promptness and proficiency; she finished the job well before my timeline.

I highly recommend her to anyone looking for editing for their book. I am overwhelmed with quality, and I didn’t have to fix anything. I just gave a few directions in the beginning, and she went with the rest. I needed no revisions.

Super helpful, excellent communication, very attentive. I am looking forward to working with her in the near future!”

May 21, 2022

John P. Wallman

Author of The Dark Matter Series
Published by Courage Publishing

Genre: Dark and Gritty Paranormal, Occult Horror

The Dark Stirs

“Long ago and far away, I was a pretty good English/Language-Arts teacher. I used to tell my students it was their responsibility to ensure their essays were the best possible endeavor, given the deadline. The writing they put on the page was a reflection of their heart and soul, and anyone reading it would have a glimpse into who and what they are. What I didn’t say… but was probably apparent to some of them… was that we in the classroom were the only ones to read these writings.

Fast-forward a number of years and here I am about to reveal to the world not an essay but a novel, the first of four books. And that little manipulation I used on my students years ago was about to haunt me. The world would get a glimpse into my heart and soul.

When my publishing team told me they had found an editor for my first book, The Dark Stirs, I was excited—and perhaps a little scared. My book was going under the graphoscope of a stranger. Cheyenne Sampson would see every error, every awkward construction, every inconsistency and make it better. I felt good about it though, because I wanted to present the best possible endeavor to the world.

When I received the draft back and began to read through it, I was confused. There didn’t seem to be many changes. I just couldn’t see where she improved the text. I got about halfway and had to get out the submitted draft. I put them side by side on the screen.

I was amazed.

Let’s call them micro-changes. A lot of them. They were so subtle that even I couldn’t hear them when I read them. Reviewing those first couple chapters, I realized why I couldn’t see and hear them:

Because Cheyenne cared enough to ensure her changes didn’t change my style and voice. She cared about me, my heart and soul on the page.

So, thank you, Cheyenne, for caring about me. I look forward to your care on my future books and projects.”

June 15, 2022

Chloe Gray

Author of Love at First Sighting (Destination Daddies Season Two)

Published by Tanglewood Press

Genre: Two-Hour LGBTQ+ Short Reads, Gay Romance

Love at First Sighting

“Frogg Spa Editing did an excellent job editing my novella Love at First Sighting.

Cheyenne is a very kind person and easy to work with. She is focused and detail-oriented, and her edits were spot on and very thorough.

I especially like how she explains her corrections. It allows her clients to enhance their writing abilities!”

July 25th, 2022

K.R. Bady

Author of The Nine Bloodlines Series
Published by Tanglewood Press

Genre: Sci-fi Romance, Gay Romance, LGBTQIA+

#1 Bestseller in LGBTQ+ Science Fiction!


“I am beyond happy and satisfied with Cheyenne’s editorial work. She not only gave me a great price and quick turnaround, she was thorough and gave me substantial feedback that helped me learn where I went wrong instead of just correcting my mistakes.

She fine-tuned the areas where I knew I needed help as well as drawing my attention to a few things I had never noticed or paid much attention to before (i.e. when I misused a word or how inconsistent my spelling is between American English and the Queen’s English).

Cheyenne gave me that professional polish I couldn’t achieve on my own.”

Here's What Other Happy Authors Have to Say!

“Cheyenne copy edited my very first manuscript that was ready for submission to agents and publishers. Within weeks, I had a contract to publish. I believe the professional edit was 100% worth the money spent to provide a quality manuscript for consideration.

The service received was first class, and I was delighted with the results. Thank you for all your help in my journey to becoming a published author.”

VR Tennent, Author of Loving Dr Jones
August 11, 2022
Published by eXtasy Books

“Cheyenne came to me with open arms. My first editor wasn’t the best and messed up my manuscript. Cheyenne earned my trust immediately. She is so sweet, smart, and a life saver.

The most important thing is she makes you feel so comfortable giving her your book baby. Communication is a huge thing to me, and Cheyenne was perfect with answering all my questions, and I feel like I earned a friend.”

Samantha Caufield, Author of Why Am I Lila Jones
August 16, 2022

Other Books Edited By Frogg Spa Editing

#1 Bestseller in Urban Erotica!

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