What's your average turnaround time?

It largely depends on the length and complexity of the project! For a novel with 50,000 words that is in decent shape, it usually takes me a little over a week to finish with a full copy editing run. Proofreading would not take as long.

Rush fees do apply if you need your project back in a shorter timeframe!

How do you accept payment?

I currently make contracts and invoices through a website called Honeybook! All of our transactions will go through them!


Alternatively, I work with Paypal and Venmo!

What projects will you accept?

I love working with novels of all types, especially LGBTQIA+ fiction/romance, historical fiction, sci-fi, and fantasy, but I will take a look at almost any project!


  • If you have a post-apocalyptic book you need edited, send it on over. I'll edit it even as the world crumbles.
  • If you have a fantasy novel, I'll work some magic on it!
  • If you have an erotic book, by Jove, I'll take it into my loving embrace and type the night away.

What's your experience?

  • I have four years of writing experience as a self-published author. 

  • I have two years of proofreading and editing experience across many genres.

  • I graduated in the top ten percent of my proofreading class, and I have gone over more than sixty papers spanning many different topics. This includes academic papers, short stories, informative data, and even fairy tales!
  • I currently have an internship with bestselling author Kevin J. Anderson's WordFire Press on his proofreading team!
  • I am the in-house editor for Tanglewood Press, an LGBTQIA+ romance-oriented publishing house!
  • Editorial Arts Academy - Freelance Book Editing 101.
  • Club Ed: Copyediting and Line Editing for Fiction.
  • I have edited sci-fi romance, dark and gritty paranormal, cookbooks, memoirs, fantasy, erotica, and LGBTQIA+ romance novels. My first big project was a novel by the name of Taken by the Alien by J.F. Posthumus. You can find her book on Amazon!
  • Many, many years of being a massive nerd and working in libraries throughout my time in school.

How can I get in contact with you?

In addition to the contact form below, you can also reach out to me on the following platforms: