About Frogg

There's no need to croak over getting your work edited.

Whether it's an advertisement, an article, or your brand-new bestseller, you can hop on over to Frogg's place, and she'll get whatever you need gussied up to the nines!

Of course, Frogg isn’t her real name. If we want to be formal, her name is Cheyenne.

Cheyenne lives in the rolling hills of Tennessee. She loves cooking, reading, flowers, birds, Christmas, snow, Mexican food, and, of course, frogs! 🐸

From a young age, Cheyenne would sneak away from recess time to hang out in the school library, and she would spend entire weekends at home with her nose in a book.

When high school rolled around, all of the aptitude tests said she would be a great wordsmith or social worker, and she would think the people who developed those tests were crazy.

Fast forward to early 2021, Frogg Spa Editing was formed, and by 2022, it had grown into a bustling business to help both new and experienced authors! Seems like those aptitude tests were correct, huh?

Anyway, welcome to Frogg Spa Editing, and I hope you'll enjoy your time in the pond!